Kinsta Pro Plan

Kinsta Pro Plan

If you’re looking for a Kinsta alternative for hosting WordPress sites, WPJack has you covered. You can connect any cloud provider you use, and we’ll install optimized WordPress on those instances. There is no overage pricing, everything is transparent. For hosting expenses you’re billed by your Cloud provider and on WPJack you pay fixed monthly price for managing all your sites.



Kinsta is one of the most popular players in WordPress hosting industry. Their infrastucture is powered by Google Cloud and they’ve been active for more than 8 years.

WPJack is a new player on the market and it doesn’t limit you with only one Cloud provider. You can still choose Google Cloud or any other alternative such as: Hetzner, Digital Ocean, Linode or AWS.



From day one team behind WPJack decided we’ll be the most transparent WordPress hosting company out there. You see all your costs under choosen Cloud Provider and you only pay WPJack fixed monthly amount based on a choosen plan.

We don’t use artificial limits of number of visits, or disk space, because we use cloud instances from your cloud provider.


Free migrations

You can use our guide how to migrate WP to a new hosting company. If you ever get stucked just open chat support and we’ll help you. Or write us at support [at] wpjack.com.

There is no limit how many sites you can migrate to WPJack. And don’t forget you have full control over your hosting infrastructure because WPJack uses your cloud instances.


Premium migrations

For all customers we provide up to 3 premium migrations. This means we’ll migrate your sites for you. If you need more premium migrations just reach to our support and we’ll take care of that.


Feature comparison

We compared for you most important features of WPJack with Kinsta, checkout below.




Business feature comparison
Feature WPJack Kinsta
Bring your server
Number of sites
Number of visits
10+ millions
Disk space
starting from 20GB depends on server
Free migrations
Premium migrations
3 premium migrations
Backup retention
30 days
14 days
PHP workers per site
Site cloning