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WPEngine is a well-known WordPress hosting company. They use 3rd party cloud providers and add their markup over it. To run their affiliate program, they had to increase prices.

Visible costs

WPJack is a WP Engine Alternative. We take pride in the transparency we provide for our customers. You’re billed based on a chosen plan, and it does not rely on the number of visits, server size, etc.

Server running costs are paid through your cloud hosting provider, and WPJack charges a fixed subscription for managing your servers.

WPJack is like a remote sysadmin team for your servers.

Self-service free WP migrations

You can use any WP plugin to migrate your site to WPJack. In our guide we use Duplicator. If you ever bump into issues, you can reach us via support.

The best part about WPJack is that you own your server and have full access to the underlying infrastructure if you ever need it.

Premium migration service

Our team will take care of up to 3 premium migrations. This means we will complete the migration for you.

If you need more premium migrations, you can request them via our support.

Feature comparison

The most important features of WPEngine and WPJack are compared side by side below.



WP Engine

Business feature comparison
Feature WPJack WP Engine
Bring your server
Number of sites
Number of visits
Disk space
Free migrations
Backup retention
30 days
PHP workers per site
Site cloning
Install WordPress on any Cloud. In under 5 minutes.
Supports Linode, Digital Ocean, Hetzner and Vultr.
Free Tier includes 1 server and 2 sites.
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