It’s been almost 3 weeks since WPJack is integrated with Hetzner Cloud.

Over last couple of years I’ve been working with number of cloud providers, but Hetzner is the best.

When you compare performance of their VPS instances with GCP, AWS or any other provider you’ll notice that they beat them on almost every field.

How it works

This integration is a bit different than Linode or Digital Ocean because Hetzner doesn’t posses oAuth flow for authenticating.

You need to go into your Account Settings and visits Cloud Providers page.

Add new cloud form

There you need to add Title for your provider (any name you want to call it) and API token.

API token can be obtained through Hetzner Cloud panel for a certain server group, just visit Security tab -> API Tokens and click on Generate API Token button.

Hetzner Cloud

After you create that Cloud Provider on WPJack you will be able to provision new servers under that Hetzner Server group.

Video: Install WordPress on Hetzner Cloud with SSL certificate

Checkout our first video regarding installing WordPress on Hetzner Cloud. If you find it useful hit that Subscribe button.

Install WordPress on Hetzner Cloud

That’s it, enjoy!

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