Provision web server and install WordPress – least effort way

Ivan Radunovic
Provision web server and install WordPress – least effort way

In this tutorial I’ll explain how you can install entire web server without any knowledge about admin tasks. And how you can add unlimited number of WP sites to it.

Using this tutorial you can use servers from Digital Ocean, Linode or Hetzner.

You’ll need an account for one of these server providers and new server will run under your account there.

Sign up for WordPress control panel

Visit WPJack Register page and sign up using your email or via Google single-sign on.

Register page

Service is free for 14 days and credit card is not needed. Your servers/sites will keep running even after free trial expires, you just won’t be able to manage them via WPJack.

Create first web server

On first login you’ll see following form:

Create first server form

Form asks you for Server provider. You can choose between:

  • Linode
  • Digital Ocean
  • Hetzner

Choose service where you have account opened. In my case I’ll choose Digital Ocean.

When I click on Digital Ocean link system will redirect me to DO to authorize WPJack application.

Digital Ocean Authorization Page

I’ll select wanted team and click Authorize application.

Digital Ocean redirects me back to WPJack and now form looks like this:

Redirect back from Digital Ocean to WPJack

After selecting server provider, I need to enter server name, region and type. Optionally I can add first site also.

First server form filled

Click Create.

Provisioning process

System will now provision your server. It’ll take some time because there are number of steps it needs to complete.

You can leave that page for a while and system will send an email once server is ready.

Provisioning screen

Setup DNS

Good idea is to create DNS record for 1st site while you wait.

You can see there is an IP under Server name, use that IP and create A records for your domain or subdomain.

That way you won’t need to wait for records to propagate once server is ready. In my case I use Cloudflare as DNS and this is what I’ve to create:

Cloudflare A record setup for new site

Email Notification

When everything is ready WPJack will send email notification with login details.

Keep it save somewhere.

Sites page

When new site is ready you’ll see Status changed to Active.

Sites page of new server

On this page you can add any number of new sites.

Site installed

After site is installed you’ll receive an email with all the details.

New site email with credentials

You can go and visit wp-admin page of your new site and use WP username and WP password to login.

Site SSL

If you’re on Cloudflare you can use their own SSL and leave server without any cert.

I like to have certificates on both sides, so I’ll add it through WPJack.

Go visit Sites -> Choose your site -> SSL tab.

SSL tab

Just click on Obtain Certificate and system will obtain new certificate and it’ll activate it.

Obtaining takes some time and it’s required that DNS records are propagated.

Obtaining certificate

After certificate is activated all traffic is redirected to https by default.

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