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Creating Server


Before creating a new server, connect your WPJack account to the Cloud Provider.

If you have multiple Cloud providers connected in the Create server form, choose the one where you want to create a new server.

Required Properties

Every server requires three pieces of data:

  • Server name
  • Server region
  • Server type

The server region is displaying options from the selected cloud provider. Every cloud provider has different regions.

Based on the selected region WPJack will load server types.

Server type is where you can select instance size, and there you'll see an estimated monthly cost.

Optional Properties

Optionally you can add the first domain on the server. Make sure that you have access to this domain so you can define DNS records later.

Advanced Settings

When you expand this section you'll find the Database type selector. You can choose between MySQL 8 (default) and MariaDB 10.

Provisioning Server

Depending on which provider was selected provisioning server takes 1 minute to 10 minutes.

After the server is provisioned, adding a new site takes less than 10 seconds.

WPJack by default will provision server with Ubuntu 22.04 x64 OS, PHP 8.2 and MySQL 8.