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Every WordPress site comes with unlimited number of local backups.

What this means is that they are stored on the same server as a site.

Local Backups

By default, all backups that you take are local backups. They are stored under same Linux user folder as your site.

Those backups are outside of the public WordPress directory so there is no risk of leaking data.

Backup package consists of snapshot of entire WordPress folder and a SQL dump.

There are no limits regarding how big backup file can be or how many you can store on WPJack side. These numbers are only defined by disk space on your instance.


At this stage scheduling backups is not yet enabled, you need to manually create backup.

Soon you'll be able to define schedule on which backups will be created for each site.

Offsite Backups

We have an option of holding copies of backups in our Google Cloud Storage account. This option per invite now.

Using offsite backups there is no risk of losing data if server get compromised.