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Every site can have an unlimited number of cron jobs.

You can access them from the Cron page of your site.

Creating a Cron Job

When creating a new cron job, 2 pieces of data are needed:

  • Command
  • Schedule

Command is a Linux command server will run when it's a scheduled time.

For schedule there are following options:

  • Minutely - Run every minute
  • Hourly - Run every hour
  • Daily - Run every day at 0:00
  • Weekly - Run weekly on Sunday at 0:00
  • Monthly - Run monthly on 1st 0:00
  • Custom - You can define custom time

Custom schedule

You can use to create a custom schedule.

Linux User

Every website on WPJack has its own Linux user. We do this to separate different sites and isolate them. With this, we are making a safer environment between sites.

Linux user of the website will be the owner of cron commands of that website. Also, commands will run from the home directory of that user.

Deleting Cron

Always delete cron jobs from inside WPJack panel.