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Working with sites on WPJack

Summary about Sites

Every server provisioned with WPJack can host multiple WordPress sites.

Adding new sites is a quick and straightforward process, and they all come with a free lifetime SSL certificate.

WPJack will create separate Linux user, database, PHP workers, and Nginx config for every site. You don't need to think about that; everything is configured for you.

Creating new WordPress Site

Inside a server, you'll find the Sites tab.

You can create a new site and see existing sites on this tab.

The only field required when creating a site is the domain name for a new site. That domain must be an existing domain to which you have access.

After hitting the Create button, a new site will be added to the Active sites table on the same page with the status Installing.

After a few seconds, the site will be ready, and the status will turn into Active.

Email with Site Details

After WPJack installs the new site, it'll send site details to the account email address.

In this email, you'll receive:

  • WordPress username
  • WordPress password
  • MySQL username
  • MySQL password

It's important to understand that site will be inaccessible until DNS records propagate.

Plugin Sets - WordPress plugin collections

If you have plugin sets defined, you'll see additional input for choosing a plugin set on the Create Site form.

When a specific plugin set is defined new site will be installed with specified plugins from the set.