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The SSH page is the right place to connect via the terminal to your server.

Add SSH Key

When creating a new SSH key, specify its title and choose a Linux user to which you are adding the key.

WPJack creates a new Linux user for each site, and in the user dropdown, you'll see the username and domain of the site the user belongs to.

Once you create new key WPJack will display a private key, which you need to download on your local system.

Sudo user

Every server provisioned with WPJack will have a wpjack user. This is a sudo user, meaning it has all the root privileges.

It's important not to delete this user. Otherwise, WPJack will stop working on your server.

Using SSH Key

You can use an SSH key to connect from the terminal or your database software.

To make a connection, you'll need the following properties:

  • Private key
  • IP of your server
  • Linux username

The entire process is explained in Create and use an SSH key to access your WordPress server video.