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Free Lifetime SSL certificates

Let's Encrypt - our SSL provider

WPJack is using Let's Encrypt to generate free lifetime SSL certificates for your websites.

WPJack Site SSL certificates

Obtaining Certificate

Before you try to obtain an SSL certificate make sure your site is accessible online. Otherwise, please create A DNS record for the specific domain pointed at servers IP address.

WPJack will prefill the Domains input with www and non-www versions of your domain by default. In the case of a subdomain, it'll fill only the non-www version of your subdomain.

Redirection from the www to the non-www version will be automatically created for you.

If you have the www version inside Domains, input you need to ensure that you also have A DNS record for www.

Activating Certificate

If this is first SSL certificate for a specified website it'll be automatically activated.

WPJack will start serving all content from https and redirect traffic from http -> https.

Known Issues when using SSL certificate

If you use Cloudflare proxying and have an active SSL certificate in WPJack, you need to use Full or Full (strict) options for SSL/TLS on Cloudflare.

In case you use Flexible encryption mode, your website will be unreachable.